Tyre technology training

Unique in this sector

To improve the theoretical know-how and the practical skills of our partners, we have developed a unique tyre technology training. This training is given at our head office in Enschede, the Netherlands, in order that the maximum use is made of the people and facilities of Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Turning theory in practice

During the training, the most important stages in the production of a tyre are covered in a step-by-step approach. Lessons in the theory are reinforced by practical visits to the production facilities at Apollo Vredestein B.V. Subjects covered are development, compounding, extrusion, moulding, fitting, vulcanisation and uniformity. This combination of theory and practice is unique in the tyre industry.

Strengthening after sales

Although this training is primarily oriented towards daily practice in the tyre industry, it is also offered to a wider group of interested parties. Suppliers of raw materials and machinery in particular are frequent attendees at this training. Thus allowing them to use the accumulated know-how to react to and meet the needs of their customers faster and more effectively. In addition, they use their newly acquired knowledge in the production process to strengthen the way their personnel deal with after sales activities. Raw material suppliers are better able to find solutions to problems which may arise during processing or defects in the end product that are caused by imperfections in the raw material supplied by their own company.

Customized and standardised

The length of the training is four days and is given in Dutch and English. Recent years have seen participants coming from China, Japan, Indonesia, the USA and a wide range of West-European countries. As the core of the training revolves around the know-how accrued by Vredestein over the last 50 years, its contents are, to a large degree, standardised. Whenever required however, the details of the training can be oriented towards the specific business of the participants.

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