Widest radial implement tyre below 1250 mm to be unveiled at SIMA 27-07-2017 | 15:15

New Flotation Trac radial by Vredestein to increase volume of trailers

The upcoming SIMA international agribusiness show in Paris will be the platform for Apollo Vredestein to introduce the widest radial implement tyre available with a diameter below the crucial 1250-millimetre mark. From 26 February to 2 March, the agricultural tyre experts will showcase the 800/40 R 22.5 168D Flotation Trac radial, which was developed together with manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

The diameter of maximum 1250 mm is the most popular diameter class on midsize trailers. While manufacturers of forage trailers and self-loading trailers aim to offer the largest trailer volumes possible, the legal restrictions on maximum trailer height and width serve as limiting factors. Moreover, tyres which guarantee lower soil compaction also require extra space. Taking these factors into consideration, Vredestein has developed an 800-millimetre wide radial tyre with a diameter of 1230 mm. The 800/40 R 22.5 168D Flotation Trac radial will become the widest tyre available on the market fitting 22.5 inch rims, allowing manufactures to increase the volume of their trailers.

Six new Flotation Trac sizes widening range of benefits
The new tyre retains all the benefits of the popular Flotation Trac profile, which is renowned for its ability to ensure optimum rolling in wet conditions and good sideways stability. The rounded shoulder is gentle to turf while the longitudinal blocks in the central part of the tread give a comfortable drive with low wear. In addition to the new 800-millimetre wide tyre, Vredestein is introducing four other sizes to the Flotation Trac range: the 600/50 R 22.5 159D, 680/50 R 22.5 157D and 166D, 710/40 R 22.5 161D and 710/65 R 26 179D (replacing 28 LR 26). “By bringing these new sizes to market we are increasing the total number of specifications in our Flotation Trac radial range to an impressive 28,” comments Guido Boerkamp, Group Product Manager Agricultural & Industrial tyres. “Add in the 15 specifications available within our Flotation Pro radial line and Vredestein’s position as a true specialist in the segment of radial implement tyres with innovative dimensions and tread patterns is further reinforced.”

Traxion 85 series range extension by nine sizes
The products being showcased by Vredestein during SIMA 2017 will also include nine new sizes in the Traxion 85 series, which were launched at the EIMA show in Bologna last November. Featuring the curved lugs that are characteristic of the Traxion family concept, the Traxion 85 combines traction and comfort with a long life. With the new sizes ranging up to 50 inches, the extension meets a growing demand for Vredestein tyres in this all-round segment. “The addition of these sizes means that Vredestein now offers a genuinely complete portfolio of 80/85 series tyres for global use,” concludes Boerkamp.

Flotation Trac Traxion85
600/50 R 22.5 159 D Flotation Trac 280/85 R 28 118 A8/B Traxion85
680/50 R 22.5 157 D Flotation Trac 380/85 R 30 135 A8/B Traxion85
680/50 R 22.5 166 D Flotation Trac 460/85 R 30 145 A8/B Traxion85
710/40 R 22.5 161 D Flotation Trac 380/85 R 34 137 A8/B Traxion85
800/40 R 22.5 168 D Flotation Trac 380/80 R 38 142 A8/B Traxion85
710/65 R 26 179 D Flotation Trac 480/80 R 42 156 A8/B Traxion85
  480/80 R 46 158 A8/B Traxion85
  520/85 R 46 158 A8/B Traxion85
  480/80 R 50 159 A8/B Traxion85
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