Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Apollo Vredestein B.V. is part of Apollo Tyres Ltd from India. Apollo Tyres is a multinational with offices and production locations in countries such as India, the Netherlands and Hungary. We also have two Global R&D Centres, where we channel our knowledge and passion into developing new products, which frequently win awards on the market. We are a young, dynamic company that takes pride in its unique identity. Our headoffice is based in London.

Vision: To be a premium tyre company with a diversified and multinational presence

Apollo Vredestein BV has its head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It manufactures and sells high-quality tyres under the Apollo and Vredestein brand name via an extensive network of offices in Europe.


The Vredestein brand is over 100 years old and has achieved premium brand status in the automotive industry. Products include car tyres, tyres for agricultural and industrial applications, and bicycle tyres. A significant part of our car tyres is designed by the Italian design house Giugiaro. We act as a supplier both to the replacement market and to renowned car manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturing).


Vredestein is supported by the Apollo brand, which sells car tyres to a growing number of European countries. The vast majority of our turnover is achieved outside of the Netherlands. A part of our products is manufactured under supervision at partner companies in India and Thailand. This has given us a firm foothold in countries in the Middle East. Fast-response interaction with a demanding market requires team spirit, quality and flexibility from our 1,800 employees. Their result-oriented attitude is the true strength of Apollo Vredestein.  

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