Vredestein Consulting B.V.

Vredestein Consulting B.V. is a high-tech organisation providing technological know-how to industrial enterprises the world over. Our mother company, Apollo Vredestein B.V., is a manufacturer of tyres for passenger cars, two wheel applications and for various applications in agriculture and industry. The transfer of expertise in the fields of rubber technology and tyre production therefore lies at the heart of our operations.

Transferring technology

Vredestein Consulting B.V. has three core approaches in the transfer of technological know-how:

Implementing technology
Tyre technology training
Third-party consultancy

The high technological level inherent at our mother company Apollo Vredestein B.V. stands as a guarantee for the quality standards of our services.

For more information about the three core approaches, please contact:

Vredestein Consulting B.V.

E.L.C. Schiff Sr. Straat 370
P.O. Box 27
NL-7500 AA Enschede
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)53 - 4888880
Telefax: +31 (0)53 - 4888890
E-mail: consulting@vredestein.com

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