Apollo Vredestein launches Dealer Partnership programme28-10-2015 | 14:38
With the focus on increased visibility for its brand(s), Apollo Vredestein launched a Dealer Partnership programme across Europe. As part of this, four new shops were opened simultaneously in Belgium, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands. More such stores are planned for Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland in the coming months. The eventual goal is to have 800 programme partners by 2020 throughout Europe.

In addition to brand visibility, the programme offers Dealers unique tools to increase turnover and profitability. The programme is targeted towards the individual entrepreneurs, the shop owners. “At the heart of our approach is a desire to move away from the usual franchise model to become genuine business partners with Dealers who join the programme,” explains Mathias Heimann, President Apollo Vredestein B.V.

The new partnership programme aims at creating a dynamic collaboration between Apollo Vredestein and Tyre Dealers, and between the Dealers and their customers. The new shops have a high-quality décor and appearance. The programme is built on three principles -- business consultancy, growth and a unique design. Business consultancy is focussed on unlocking the full potential of a business area, as well as, the sales organisation of the retailer. Growth is geared towards new tools to increase the sales volume like offering products from Apollo Vredestein Premium Styling Partners. And lastly, a unique design, offering a high-quality shopping experience for end-consumers.

The new Dealer Support programme recognises and embraces the entrepreneurship of Apollo Vredestein business partners. It creates transparent, mutually beneficial relationships that will be long lasting, dynamic and cooperative.
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